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  1. I'm not sure I can trust the Daily Mail as a reliable news source
  2. The winner for January was Greg VK4GJW for his many interesting posts. I've sent you a PM Greg to get your postal address. The prize for February will be announced over the weekend.
  3. You can delete or edit a post for 30 minutes after making the post. After that it can't be modified.
  4. You can extend the tripod masts to 29 feet as they come, however some people buy extra sections and have had them up to 36 feet. They are heavy when in the bag. The bags say "2 Soldier Carry" however I can easily move them into position from my car, I couldn't go far with them though. They were purchased on eBay. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/antenna-tripod-29ft-aluminum-portable-tower-mast-kit-new/361384099911
  5. The first month of the competition is January, the forum only began in December. The prize for January will be awarded on the 1st February.
  6. On December 31 I made another trip to the beautiful Maroondah Reservoir Park near Healesville in Victoria. This time I took two new military surplus aluminium 29 foot tripod masts to hang an End Fed Half Wave antenna at height. I also set up a Diamond VX1000 vertical 2M/70cm antenna on the top of one of the masts. My main radio was the Yaesu FT 817. Power was supplied by a 120W Sine Wave Inverter Solar Power Pack which contains an 18Ah battery, 2 x 12v outputs, 1 x 12v cigarette lighter output, 4 x USB power outputs and 2 x 120W 240V outputs. I only used the 12v output on the power pack and enjoyed a full day of power with the pack and solar panels. During the day I worked the Solomon Islands, Phillipines, USA, ZL, VK6, VK5, VK3, VK2, VK7, VK4 Photos below.
  7. That would be an awesome experience for someone single and interested in a bit of adventure. Nice find Greg!
  8. I now have two of these beauties. Now I can put a dipole anywhere
  9. I currently use MacLoggerDX while portable on my Macbook Pro. I wonder what satellite tracking software other Mac users have experience with ? Any recommendations ?
  10. It's not in the LCD yet though is it ?
  11. I wasn't using a tuner however if you're stringing it through trees or doing something unusual then SWR could change thus a tuner might be handy. The antenna used in the photo comes is from http://myantennas.com I'm not into parks or SOTA yet but I will be once I perfect set up and pull down of my portable station as it develops. I've got one of these army surplus portable tripod masts that just arrived today and a second one coming.
  12. Took the FT-817 and a new EFHW antenna out today and had contacts in ZL, VK2, VK3, VK4 and VK6. Didn't spend as much time on air as I had hoped because I left home without my ground rod and had to make a quick trip back to a Bunnings to buy a new one - cost me a quarter of the day just to do that. Here's some photos.
  13. Read more below http://www.dxzone.com/icom-ic-7610-preview/
  14. Welcome to the forum Greg!