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  1. I'm not sure I can trust the Daily Mail as a reliable news source
  2. VK FORUM POSTING COMPETITION Every month this forum will give away a brand new radio. Winners will be selected based on the number and quality of posts they make. Behaviour on the forum will also be taken into account. The stand out forum member for the month will receive the prize. The prize will be awarded on the last day of the month. A different winner will be awarded the prize every month and the prize will also change monthly. To qualify for the competition your display name must be your amateur radio call sign. If you need to change your display name to your call sign please send me a private message. The prize will be sent to the address associated with your call sign on the ACMA database. To kick things off, the prize for January is a brand new Yaesu FT-270R Features. The FT-270R is a compact, high-performance FM hand-held providing up to five Watts of RF power, along with big audio output (800 mW) and unmatched protection against the elements! Protected against water ingress to IPX7 specifications (submersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 3 feet), the FT-270R features long operating time, thanks to the supplied 1400 mAh NiMH Battery Pack. The 16-key FT-270R includes direct keyboard frequency entry and direct DTMF input, along with quick, one-touch access to YAESU’s exciting and fun WiRES-II™ VoIP Internet Linking system! 5 Watts Output The FT-270R provides 5 Watts of solid power Large Backlit LCD Display Want a handheld with a display you can actually see?! The FT-270R is the handheld for you. Submersible! The FT-270R conforms to IPX7 specifications for submersibility (submersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of three feet). Outstanding Receiver Audio The FT-270R's hefty 800 mW of audio provides plenty of volume when operating in a noisy environment. 1400 mAh Battery Pack Yields Long Operating Time The FT-270R is supplied with a long-life 1400 mAh Ni-MH Battery Pack, for extended operating time during search-and-rescue or public service event operations. Power Saving Circuit Design The FT-270R design includes Yaesu's exclusive power saving circuit design to ensure longer operating time that most other handhelds with comparable batteries. Expanded Receiver Coverage The receiver's frequency range is 136-174 MHz, covering many public service, marine, and government channels. User Password To prevent an unauthorised person from using your FT-270R, you may engage a security password that must be keyed in prior to operation, if you like. 200 Memory Channels The 200 memories may be partitioned into as many as 10 memory groups. Alpha-numeric labeling is available on all memories. Keyboard Frequency Entry Operating frequencies may be entered directly from the front panel keypad, which may also be used for quick recall of memory channels by number. EAI (Emergency Automatic ID) Feature Ideal for search-and-rescue work, the EAI feature can be commanded on so as to identify your FT-270R, and engage your PTT and microphone, remotely in an emergency situation. So if you don't check in during a search, help can be dispatched, with the automatic TX function allowing others to perform direction finding. Split Tone Capability Besides the usual CTCSS and DCS Encode/Decode features you've come to know and love on a Yaesu transceiver, the FT-270R includes a "Split Tone" capability that allows you to Encode a CTCSS tone, and Decode DCS, or vice-versa. You can also Encode (without decoding) either CTCSS or DCS.
  3. The winner for January was Greg VK4GJW for his many interesting posts. I've sent you a PM Greg to get your postal address. The prize for February will be announced over the weekend.
  4. You can delete or edit a post for 30 minutes after making the post. After that it can't be modified.
  5. On December 31 I made another trip to the beautiful Maroondah Reservoir Park near Healesville in Victoria. This time I took two new military surplus aluminium 29 foot tripod masts to hang an End Fed Half Wave antenna at height. I also set up a Diamond VX1000 vertical 2M/70cm antenna on the top of one of the masts. My main radio was the Yaesu FT 817. Power was supplied by a 120W Sine Wave Inverter Solar Power Pack which contains an 18Ah battery, 2 x 12v outputs, 1 x 12v cigarette lighter output, 4 x USB power outputs and 2 x 120W 240V outputs. I only used the 12v output on the power pack and enjoyed a full day of power with the pack and solar panels. During the day I worked the Solomon Islands, Phillipines, USA, ZL, VK6, VK5, VK3, VK2, VK7, VK4 Photos below.
  6. You can extend the tripod masts to 29 feet as they come, however some people buy extra sections and have had them up to 36 feet. They are heavy when in the bag. The bags say "2 Soldier Carry" however I can easily move them into position from my car, I couldn't go far with them though. They were purchased on eBay. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/antenna-tripod-29ft-aluminum-portable-tower-mast-kit-new/361384099911
  7. The first month of the competition is January, the forum only began in December. The prize for January will be awarded on the 1st February.
  8. That would be an awesome experience for someone single and interested in a bit of adventure. Nice find Greg!
  9. Took the FT-817 and a new EFHW antenna out today and had contacts in ZL, VK2, VK3, VK4 and VK6. Didn't spend as much time on air as I had hoped because I left home without my ground rod and had to make a quick trip back to a Bunnings to buy a new one - cost me a quarter of the day just to do that. Here's some photos.
  10. I now have two of these beauties. Now I can put a dipole anywhere
  11. I currently use MacLoggerDX while portable on my Macbook Pro. I wonder what satellite tracking software other Mac users have experience with ? Any recommendations ?
  12. It's not in the LCD yet though is it ?
  13. Read more below http://www.dxzone.com/icom-ic-7610-preview/
  14. I wasn't using a tuner however if you're stringing it through trees or doing something unusual then SWR could change thus a tuner might be handy. The antenna used in the photo comes is from http://myantennas.com I'm not into parks or SOTA yet but I will be once I perfect set up and pull down of my portable station as it develops. I've got one of these army surplus portable tripod masts that just arrived today and a second one coming.
  15. Welcome to the forum Greg!
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  19. Before the Internet and social media, there was amateur radio. Hobbyists flocked to it, communicating with others from across the globe, or just down the street. And then came, well, the Internet and social media – and the whole ham radio craze quieted down a bit. But some technology doesn’t go away easily, and amateur radio is making a resurgence. Making its own comeback is Yale’s amateur radio organization, W1YU. Founded in the early 1930s, the Amateur Radio Club at Yale had a strong run for many decades, but activity started quieting down by the 1980s and ‘90s “as other technologies became shiny and new.” But in recent months, the crackle, hiss and chatter of amateur radio systems is springing back to life in the Yale community and around New Haven. And indeed, the club has been going full force in the last year or so: earlier this semester, it hosted a very well-attended demonstration for Yale students at the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID), and it now holds regular meetings for members and prospective members in Dunham Lab. The club even recently received press in QST, the premier magazine for amateur radio in the U.S. Read more at the link below. http://seas.yale.edu/news-events/news/ham-radio-yale-85-years-and-going-strong
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  21. The successor to the Icom IC-7600 is the IC-7610. It looks like an amazing rig. Here's an early video of it on display in Japan.
  22. WIA Related posts in General Discussion have been moved to the WIA Discussion forum. No password is required to access the WIA Discussion forum, you only need to be a member of VK Forum to read the posts. The pubic and guests cannot read posts in the WIA Discussion forum.
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