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  1. Well if your here you probably have heard of me or read some of my facebook posts. Yes im here also, its hard to get away from some people. As a retired photojournalist i am always on the lookout for a subject to comment on. And i do so with great regularity as some of you already know. I try and not be rude or disrespectful but i dont suffer fools well and will call a spade a spade. I have been involved in one aspect or another of amateur radio since 1967 when i was first allowed into my fathers "shack" to listen to the wonder of his radio's. I was an avid SWL for many years never feeling the need to become a "ham" until i retired in 2005 following the boxing day tsunami in Thailand and my subsequent hospitalisation. I have sat all 3 of the current exams foundation, standard and advanced and am an assessor for the WIA also. I frequent the HF bands regularly and you can generally hear me on the 1015 smoko net on 7105 any morning, conditions permitting. I am secretary of the Albury Wodonga amateur radio club and regularly hold classes for those undertaking the foundation exam. You can see my website at www.vk2bfc.info 73 from Frank VK2BFC