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  1. Wot he said........And where did you get them?
  2. Brrrrr....... Need your Ugg boots.
  3. It seems that 60meters is now (as of 20/12/16 ) an amateur band here in Oz. See for yourself : https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2016L02001 What does this all mean ?
  4. Perhaps the Blow Up model may assist....... http://qrznow.com/inflatable-antenna-towers/ Ho Ho Ho
  5. Thanks Robert for starting up this forum. Ive been licenced nearly 20 years. I have been openly critical of the performance of the WIA over that time, and its obviously getting worse. Pretty disappointed in the other forum for censoring discussion on this topic. It's too important for the future of AR to just sweep it under the carpet. Anyway well done!