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  1. Looks like a good day for you, I enjoy portable ops now and then too. The 817 is a good radio, and I wonder if a tuner is needed for the EFW you're using. I made an EFW antenna 19m long, and a 9:1 unun for portable, and found this site for wire lengths http://vk6ysf.com/longwire_antenna.htm using The usually low noise level is a bonus too. Are you into the parks awards at all? Cheers.
  2. Great prize on offer, I bought one of these about 3 months ago, and very happy with.
  3. Hi all, Fairly new to this hobby, been licenced since Nov '14, retired same year. Done foundation, standard and advanced in fairly quick time, and still hold the standard call VK3PMG. Enjoy the various parks programs, and also go portable occasionally as an activator. Keen sota chaser too. While on holiday in N/E VK3 recently, I caught up with Paul VK5PAS, and Andrew VK6AS, at their presentation in Tangambalanga, which was very interesting. Member of the WIA, ARV and BARG(Ballarat). 73 Mick