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Over the past few years there has been a growing concern about the way the WIA is being run and several people have had successive attempts at gaining 100 signatures to force a General Meeting of members.

The most well known of these movements has been the WIA Reform Group who now hold the required 100 signatures in order to request at General Meeting. Unfortunately it has already been signalled in some quarters that the 100 signatures may not be enough as some people claim that there needs to be 5% of members who have signed the letter.

As with everything concerning the WIA at the moment the whole truth of the issues at hand is vague at best and there has been a lot of speculation and debate on social media.

It's very hard to keep track of the debate on social media and some of the debate has been either censored, restricted or ended up turning into personal attacks and mini flame wars.

I started this forum to help consolidate all of the various sources of information concerning the current debate with regard to the WIA and it's current board.

What is particularly important is that there is an intelligent and robust discussion about how to shape the WIA going forward. Regardless of whether there is a spill of board directors or not, the WIA is facing challenges and unless these are addressed then the situation may only get worse. Without a functioning body representing amateur radio operators then we are all at threat of losing our bands and privileges as commercial entities with buckets of money would snap up the spectrum we use in a heartbeat.

There is a section of the forum for WIA Discussion. Only members of this forum can read posts and reply to posts in that section.Some important points about this forum. 

  • Please create a username that reflects your amateur radio callsign. If you are not a licensed amateur please use your name as your username.
  • No posts will be deleted or censored from the forum unless they are deliberately derogatory or offensive.
  • All points of view have a right to be heard and forum members should respect the right of people to have a different opinion.
  • People for and against keeping the current WIA board are welcome on this forum.
  • Everyone owns their posts, so whatever you say is up to you - just be friendly and respectful of differing opinions please.

About Me

My name is Robert. I am 49 and live in Melbourne. I am a member of the WIA , Amateur Radio Victoria and the EDMRC. I have been a Foundation License holder for many years. I was first licensed over 10 years ago. My father is an Advanced License holder and has been an amateur licensee, first as a Limited since before I was born. I grew up with an interest in electronics and radio and have worked with technology for over 30 years. I am currently aiming for my standard and then advanced license - the only reason I haven't been upgraded thus far has been a lack of time due to work and family commitments. I have recently become semi retired and now have much more time to devote to the hobby both as an upgraded license holder and a volunteer.

Please feel free to send me a private message on this forum if you have any questions or concerns.



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10 hours ago, Colin Consiglio vk3ncc said:

Hi Robert, when you say Private message do you mean via Facebook PM.

You can send me a private message using the forum. Just click on a members name or callsign and choose to send a message.

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